Without contact

MPI 886 Contactless measurement process

MPI 886

Our contactless ONLINE thickness measurement system for precise thickness measurement of all magnetic, non-magnetic, also electrically conductive foils or other web-shaped goods, whose surfaces do not allow contact (on both sides) with measuring sensors during production and where no wrapping of the web on a measuring roller is allowed, such as sheets of PVC, ABS, PS, XPS, as well as webs that are soft,
sticky on one or both sides, wet, etc.
Composites: UD-tapes, carbon and carbon fibre foils

Roughness measurement and curvature of surfaces
Measuring range 1.0 mm - 150.0 mm
Width of web approx. 100 mm - 4.5 m

Other ranges on request.


Current display of the measured values, here traversing measured.
MAPPING: Exact assignment of thickness value to screw / expansion bolt e.g. at a wide slot die.
Rolls / stacking protocol as trend display. Visualisation of thickness value to OEG / UEG.
Thickness values in correlation to grammage. Industrial communication of many single values by
Profinet Siemens S7 e.g. OPC-UA.
Automatic edge scanning for the detection of the maximum film width, automatic length measurement of the webs.