Contact measurement

Contact measurement MPI 586

MPI 586

Our low-cost ONLINE thickness measurement system for precise measurement of all non-magnetic, also electrically conductive foils or other web-shaped goods whose surfaces allow contact with our roller probe body during production. Such as films made of PS, PP, PE, ABS, PET etc. Filled, nubbed, co-extruded films, etc.

Measuring range 10 µm - 12.0 mm
Web width approx. 10 mm - 6.0 m

Other ranges on request.

Current display of the measured values, here traversing measured.
MAPPING: Exact assignment of thickness value to screw / expansion bolt e.g. at a wide slot die.
Rolls / stacking protocol as trend display. Visualisation of thickness value to OEG / UEG. Thickness values in correlation to grammage. Industrial communication of many single values by Profinet Siemens S7 e.g. OPC-UA. Automatic edge scanning for the detection of the maximum film width, automatic length measurement of the webs.