Without contact

MPI 686 Contactless measurement system

MPI 686 

Our contactless ONLINE thickness measurement system for precise thickness measurement of all non-magnetic, also electrically conductive foils or other web-shaped goods, whose upper surface does not allow contact with a measuring sensor during running production, or where a minimum of web wrap on the measuring roll is required. Such as foils made of PU, TPE, TPU, unvulcanised rubber, bitumen roofing membranes, lithium and membranes that are soft or sticky on one side, wet, etc. Embossed, nubbed, filled, co-extruded foils, artificial leather, etc.
Composites: UD-tapes, carbon and carbon fibre films

Roughness measurement of surfaces.
Measuring range 10 µm - 50.0 mm
Width of web approx. 10 mm - 6.0 mm

Other ranges on request.

Current display of the measured values, here traversing measured.
MAPPING: Exact assignment of thickness value to screw / expansion bolt e.g. at a wide slot die.
Rolls / stacking protocol as trend display. Visualisation of thickness value to OEG / UEG.
Thickness values in correlation to grammage. Industrial communication of many single values by Profinet Siemens S7 e.g. OPC-UA. Automatic edge scanning for the detection of the maximum film width, automatic length measurement of the webs.