Folitec Thickness measuring


Application, Measuring Principle + Description

FOLITEC thickness measuring systems MPI - 586 -TP working on the principle of magnetic induction in compliance with German and international industrial standards. The system incorporates a ferromagnetic measuring roller over wich the web or film passes. A suitable arc of wrap of the web ensures a good contact to the surface line of the measuring roller to prevent fluttering effects.

The active rolling or active hover probe scans over the surface line of the film to perform immediate and continuous thickness measurement. The readings are displayed in Ám, alternative in mils. Actually measured is the interferric space. This means the distance between the rolling- or hover probe and the roller. (see illustration of measure-principle)

Compared to mechanical distance meters or inductive displacement transducers such as optical systems. The special Folitec sensor is not affected by eccentricities of the measuring roller or changes of the sensor distances caused by variations in temperature.

FOLITEC thickness measuring systems only supplies as completely tested units.Therefore the customer is sure to get a carefully designed and optimum tuned system with high quality.

The mechanical part mainly comprises mounting console, travese or traversing unit and the sensor. These components are to be installed into the production line. After simple and quick fine hand adjustment and connecting cables between PC and sensor, the system is ready for measurement.

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